This P10,000 MANGO dress could pass for a wedding gown

mango_minimalist wedding gown

mango_minimalist wedding gown

All the talks (still!) about the Royal Wedding and Meghan Markle’s gown got us subconsciously thinking of wearing a minimalist gown to our wedding. And from what we learned from another bride Kimi Juan, wedding gowns don’t have to come with expensive price tags.

So while casually looking for the next denim purchase, we came across this gorgeous sequined dress from MANGO that can totally pass for a wedding gown. It comes in a sequined fabric that dazzles as you move, but not to the point that it’s blinding or annoying. It also has a rounded neck, a keyhole detail at the back, and a symmetrical hem—if you want to wear gorgeous statement shoes, this can totally work. Just add a veil, some jewelry, and a bouquet, and you’re ready to tie the knot. 

P10,995 is not bad for a wedding gown price considering how much others really cost (some can come up to half a mil). Remember the line from the movie 21 Dresses, “And the best thing is you can shorten and wear it again!”? Well, this doesn’t have to be shortened, but can definitely be worn again!


Photo courtesy of MANGO

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