If you’re looking for some reality TV fun, check out these Korean shows

I’ve lived long enough to have watched “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and still miss it until now. For those who don’t know the show, it’s a Nickelodeon reality game show where teens team up to complete challenges to lift the temple’s curse and escape. And while the show didn’t air for long, I still had high hopes that Nickelodeon would eventually pick up another game show.

I’ve almost forgotten about my fascination of these types of reality shows until I discovered Korean reality shows. As an avid follower of K-pop groups, I’ve become familiar with some (since some of my biases have been guests in these shows). My sister has also influenced my fascination with these shows and it’s given me a break from grieving all those Netflix shows I’ve finished in just two days. If you’re looking for some fun reality TV shows, check these out:

“Running Man”

One of the most popular reality TV shows in Korea, “Running Man” is a game show where the emcees and their guests complete missions at a certain location to win the race. It’s featured many of our favorite idols today such as TWICE, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet and more. It’s a great show to watch whenever you’re up for some competitive fun. It’s also K-pop stans’ favorite since we get to see the cute side of their idols (when they’re not killing it on stage).

“2 Days & 1 Night”

“2 Days & 1 Night” isn’t as popular as most of the shows in the list, but it’s probably the most thrilling one. Cast members of the show get to travel around a province for two days and one night, completing challenges every meal time or at random points of the day. If they succeed, they get various prizes such as regional delicacies. If they lose, they face punishments which might include swimming in big bodies of water. If you’re into beautiful scenery and Korean culture, this show is definitely a learning experience (and a good laugh as well).

“Battle Trip”

And if you’re looking for a reality show that involves travelling, “Battle Trip” might just be up your alley. It’s a competition between two individual celebrities or teams on who gets to win the audience’s vote by showing them travel information and tips. Dara of 2NE1, the “Pambansang Krung-Krung”-turned K-pop star, often guested on the show. Some of our tourist hotspots like Tagaytay, Batangas and Boracay were Dara’s picks to show on program. It’s also a great show for first-time travellers to get a grasp of where to go next (and eat).

“Knowing Bros”

This is probably one of the shows where you can easily pinpoint an idol or idol group’s comeback. With one of their hosts being SUPER JUNIOR’s Heechul, “Knowing Bros” offers a bit of roleplay as the hosts play as high school classmates. Their guests are usually stars or idols who would play as the new transfer students. Apart from this, they play silly classroom games that could pass off as regular after school hangouts. The most memorable episode I’ve watched is the one where Red Velvet had to eat while there was an ongoing lecture. Their goal was not to let their teacher see that they’re putting food in their mouths or chewing.


Screengrabbed from “Running Man” episode 409

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