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It looks like the K-pop industry is looking to conquer another frontier. Although South Korean entertainment companies have produced rhythm games containing songs of various K-pop idols before, Big Hit Entertainment and YG Entertainment are branching out in the gaming industry with upcoming releases for BTS and Blackpink. Yes, ARMYBlinks, it’s time for us to get our game on. 

Earlier today, Big Hit Entertainment and Netmarble dropped a 10-minute trailer for the “storytelling game” BTS Universe Story. Screenrant writes that it “will allow players to directly create and develop their own storylines through a variety of different modes. Players will have a series of choices to make, and depending on what they choose, the outcomes will differ. Through ‘Story Creation’ mode, in-game production tools allow players to create their own plotlines, whereas through ‘Story Playthrough,’ players can choose between a variety of options in order to personalize the story. There will also be a ‘Collection’ mode where players can collect a variety of items, such as clothes and accessories, which they can use to customize their character.” The game is set to be released on Sept. 24.

The beginning of the trailer plays out like a movie. Based on BTS’ “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” (or “Hwa Yong Yeon Hwa”) concept storyline which the team started developing in 2015, we see Kim Namjoon (known by his stage name RM) watching the chaos unfold in the “container city” where he lives. The dystopian vibe in contrast with an animated magic realist clip of Kim Seokjin talking to a cat is getting us excited over the stories we can explore. 

There’s also a scene with him and Kim Seokjin in the middle of a dramatic argument à la Troy and Gabriela in “High School Musical 2” and we’re hoping that the game will contain special clips similar to this.  We have to admit, the resemblance between the animated characters and BTS is uncanny.

Another project to look forward to is the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Blackpink. PUBG Mobile released a teaser poster with the cryptic caption, “Guess who is coming.” On the poster is a character with pink hair and pink sunglasses and fans are speculating that it’s Lisa. 

This wouldn’t be too big of a surprise considering that the group’s song “Playing with Fire” was added to the PUBG Mobile soundtrack in January. Will this be another song collab or will we be seeing game characters designed after Blackpink in the near future? We’ll have to wait and see.


Photo screengrabbed from the BTS Universe Story trailer

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