Activewear for the not so active? Local brands hear you

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It’s no secret that women are superheroes—trying to make the most of every day. And while we do plan to get things done and blow off steam after with a quick workout, there are times when we just wanna sleep after a draining day. That’s perfectly fine, though. We’re all entitled to some lazy days. Should you suddenly decide to get going again and breathe the outdoors for a change or do some exercises to energize, you might want to check out these activewear brands that can keep up with your ever changing lifestyle:



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There’s something about the fabric of Recess’ pieces that makes their wearers feel laidback compared to most activewear. Even their Personal Best variant of yoga pants, which is supposed to give you more compression, feels like second skin. (You didn’t hear it from me, but the pants also have a “li’l something” for moms-to-be.) And the best part? No fabric ever goes to waste. Any excess fabric collected from pants production goes into making their tri-color sports bra. Talk about sustainability.

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To those who want to show a little less skin, worry not. Groove Activewear’s got you covered—literally. They offer padded midriff tanks that are perfect for those chilly days. The pieces also come in vibrant colors that are sure to brighten up your mood. 



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Not a fan of too much color? The edgy style of Charma might just tickle your fancy. Imagine lounging around in breathable fabric that can pass off as high street fashion. And there are so many products in their collection—from bomber jackets to sexy swimwear. Activewear just got hotter. 



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I see a lot of white activewear skeptics. It’s probably because a lot of people find white an unflattering color. Maj.Fit however is one of the few brands that proves this wrong by providing white activewear that looks good on anyone who wears them. Too much compression isn’t for everyone, and this brand knows that. Their pieces are much more breathable, making them some of the most comfortable in this list.


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