Exo’s Baekhyun just made his Japanese debut and teased an Exo 2021 comeback

From wrapping up his first ever solo concert to making his Japanese debut, no one does it better like Byun Baekhyun. 

Exo-Ls were in for a treat as the Exo’s main vocalist released his first Japanese single hours after his “Beyond Live – Baekhyun: Light” concert. On Jan. 3, Baekhyun performed his hits as a solo artist and also teased his upcoming mini-album by performing the single “Get You Alone” in front of 110,000 viewers from 120 countries. The track officially hit the market on Jan. 4, hours after the concert, with a cute retro-themed music video. 

Compared to his previous bops like “Candy” serving a dance-pop beat and “UN Village” having a chill R&B vibe, “Get You Alone” shows us Baekhyun’s disco-pop side. The Japanese pre-release single highlights the Exo member’s smooth vocals as he sings about unrequited love. The music video features a nerdy and frustrated Baekhyun transforming into a confident and sexier version of himself after getting lessons from a love coach (played by the all-around performer as well) on TV. From getting rejected via text (seriously, how can somebody reject *the* Baekhyun?) to busting out those killer dance moves and mastering the art of a perfect date, the singer definitely got all of us falling for him at the end of the video.

The disco-pop track is just a preview of what fans can expect at the drop of the Japanese mini-album on Jan. 20. Although the “Get You Alone” MV didn’t tease upcoming content from other Exo members unlike Kai’s “Mmmh” MV revealing Exo members D.O.’s and Xiumin’s superpower symbols at the end of the video, Baekhyun assured Exo-Ls that they could look forward to something from him and Exo really soon.

Screengrab from the “Mmmh” MV

During his concert, the K-pop sensation teased more upcoming shows and even joked that he wants to “trap” fans in a 24-hour IRL post-pandemic concert so they could spend more time together. While it already looks like a big year for Baekhyun as a solo artist, the singer excited fans by teasing a possible Exo comeback. After he performed a nostalgic medley of Exo’s bangers “Growl” and “Call Me Baby” and the sub-unit Exo-CBX’s “Blooming Day,” Baekhyun talked about how he missed performing with the band as a whole.

“The performances took me back to the past. I was really out of breath, singing these on my own after having sung them with the Exo members. Exo songs really are hard. Singing them alone made me miss the members,” he said during the show. “I think something new will come out this year. It’s hard to sing on my own, so I have to sing together with the Exo members.”

The last time we saw the members of Exo promote music as a group was when their sixth studio album “Obsession” was released back in Nov. 2019. Since then, members Suho and Chen have enlisted for their mandatory military service while rappers Chanyeol and Sehun released songs under the sub-unit Exo-SC, main dancer Lay focused on solo promotions in China, and Baekhyun and Kai worked on solo projects and promoted music under the supergroup SuperM. Now that Xiumin has recently been discharged from the military (with D.O. following soon), we are one with the Exo-Ls who see Baekhyun’s predictions of more Exo releases coming true in the near future. In Byun Baekhyun we trust.


Photo screengrabbed from the “Get You Alone” music video

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