Mother’s Day gifts you can enjoy *with* mother dearest

Because the best gifts are the ones that come with bonus bonding time

preen mother's day gift guide 2021

It’s that time of the year again when our moms start mentioning the really nice things on her Facebook timeline, all while giving expectant looks to signal that they want you to get these for them for Mother’s Day.

But of course, this isn’t the universal nanay law. There are I-really-don’t-need-anything mom types that can be harder to shop for. So here’s a little tip from us: Gift her something you can both enjoy. The best gifts are the ones that come with bonus bonding time. 

Dainty accessories so you can go matchy-matchy

preen penny pairs mother's day
A photo of Penny Pairs’ sustainable jewelry

Philippine-based demi-fine jewelry brand Penny Pairs dropped its sustainable line this summer that’s made of 100% recycled silver and conflict-free materials. With simple but sophisticated designs, it’s fun to mix and match the silver and gold pieces with your mom.

While your mom cops the Marina silver necklace with pearls and Mini Baguette Silver Ring, you can sport the Lila Opal Gold Huggies and Zia Gold Cuffs. It’s subtle but your mom will surely get a kick out of pairing with you like old times. FYI, the brand is also holding a buy one, get one 30% off sale for Mother’s Day. 

Indulgent toppings for your next bake-off

Have you and your mom been bonding over baking these days? Why not challenge her to see who can bake the better sweet treat à la “The Great British Bake Off” this Mother’s Day?

To make it more special, grab some special toppings like Violet Crumble honeycomb toffee chocolate bars. Fun fact: You can actually buy a Violet Crumble Cookies Baking Kit and a Violet Crumble Choc Slice Baking Kit from Candy Corner if you’re worried about missing anything from your grocery run. Of course, this gift should come with a special exemption from washing the dishes after.

A commissioned duo portrait (with Park Seo-joon)

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and an art commissioned is always fairly priced. I just made that last part up, but that’s a reminder not to bargain with artists because they know best about what their art is worth.

Sure, you can take a lot of two-fies together. But gifting someone a portrait of you together is on a different level of thoughtfulness and affection. Plus, you can ask an artist for a funny caricature or to insert Park Seo-joon in the middle.

A skincare set so you can do your routines together

A lot of folks already have skincare holy grails. But if you and your mom haven’t built a full routine yet (because let’s face it, sticking with a single face cream is so early 2000s), why not start this summer?

This year, BYS Philippines has led BYS Cosmetics in launching its first skincare line called Skin by BYS. The line is made up of 10 products (inspired by the 10-step Korean skincare routine) that the brand promises are vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and contain no harmful chemicals. The products have a gentle formula and come in sizable amounts despite the low price range—very beginner-friendly. Remember: People who glow up together, stay together.

Cake art she can show on Facebook

Who can resist edible art? Not my mom, that’s for sure. If your mom loves food and loves posting on Facebook, this is a reliable bet. Biñan-based Jane Dough Desserts creates Korean-style cake art and hand painted macarons. Fancy but affordable, these treats will make your mom feel posh. 


Photo courtesy of Penny Pairs

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