There’s a new PH drag reality show, and Manila Luzon is hosting it

So the Manila Luzon show we’ve all been expecting isn’t “Drag Race Philippines,” but we still can’t wait to know more about it

Do you remember when the whole of PH Twitter went abuzz after cryptic teasers with the silhouette of Manila Luzon were posted a few months ago? 

Back then, there was a lot of speculation that we were being teased about a Philippine version of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”—something that we’ve been waiting for since, well, the show started. 

It turns out that the teasers were for a new show called “Drag Den” hosted by Miss Manila Luzon herself. It’s produced by both Cornerstone Entertainment and Project 8 Projects.

Cornerstone’s announcement tweet reads, “Ang chika gusto n’yo raw ng drag cartel? We heard you, and we’re making sure na DRAGDAGULAN to!!!” Manila Luzon used the English version of that in her own posts. (In case you’re curious, she translated “dragdagulan” to “major.”)

No word yet, though, on what “Drag Den” is going to be like. All we know so far is that it’s a drag reality show, which opens up to so many possibilities. Despite an Entertainment Weekly article calling it so, it technically hasn’t been confirmed yet if it’s going to be a competition show. I’m almost positive that it’s going to be a pageant-competition like “Drag Race,” but who knows? Maybe it could be a “Queer Eye”-type of show but with drag queens. Maybe even “Pinoy Big Brother.” Heck, let’s throw in “The Real Housewives” and “The Bachelor” there as options. The sky’s the limit.

Now as for “Drag Race Philippines,” Manila Luzon is apparently going to ask Ru herself about the possibility of it finally happening. Hey, World of Wonder, if you need help pitching ideas for it, we’ve got you covered.


Photo by JP Talapian

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