Twice told us about its future as a group and genres it wants to try next

The answers weren't what we expected

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Inarguably one of the biggest groups in K-pop, Twice has a lot riding on six-track summer EP “Taste of Love.” With growing goals for themselves and their contemporaries, expectations are high for the group. We had a chat with Twice on their latest comeback with “Alcohol-Free” and their future with ONCEs.

We met with eight of the nine members (Jihyo, Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu while Jeongyeon sent her well wishes from home) during a Zoom press interview organized by a local fashion brand. Before hopping on the call, we were treated to performances of “Alcohol-Free,” “First Time,” “Scandal,” and 2020’s “I Can’t Stop Me” during an exciting fan meet. Apart from their maturing sound and themes, what does Twice hope their fans could look forward to in their evolution?

A lot more to explore

Nayeon shared that when they found out that “Taste of Love” reached the sixth spot on the Billboard 200 chart, “We couldn’t believe it. As much as we were surprised, we were also really thankful. We also realized that there are so many ONCEs all over the world, so we really want to go meet them after the COVID pandemic ends.”


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Jihyo notes, “The members participated in the songwriting for the other songs in the album, so we would like to recommend all the songs besides ‘Alcohol-Free.’”

When we asked them what sound they still want to explore, they unanimously and enthusiastically answered “jazz and hip-hop.” 

In terms of concepts, there are still a few that they want to try. Chaeyoung exclaimed “Queen” (she *might* have meant the band, not the royalty). Nayeon, on the other hand, chimed in: “Like a Disney Princess!”

With their contract renewal with JYP Entertainment looming, we had to ask where TWICE see themselves five years from now. This prompted a big group hug initiated by Sana as they answered that they’d still be performing together like they are now. They’re not going anywhere and neither is their love for each other.

A message for Filipino ONCE

“It’s already been two years since we’ve had our concert in the Philippines. We really want COVID to end soon so we can do a concert tour and meet our Filipino ONCEs. When we get to visit the Philippines, we want to travel and eat some delicious local foods,” says Chaeyoung.


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Momo expressed that she hopes their fans can find comfort through their songs. “When they are going through difficult times, we hope they can be cheered up by listening to our fun and energetic songs. And we have various songs of different themes and feelings, so we hope they can listen to our songs according to the theme or vibe they’re feeling.”

Jihyo’s personal recommendation to PH ONCE from “Taste of Love”? She told us that it’s “‘Baby Blue Love’ because it’s summer and these songs give you a cool feeling.”


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