Bea Alonzo is out to stop alleged trolls trying to buy out fan accounts

preen bea alonzo fan accounts buying trolls

preen bea alonzo fan accounts buying trolls

It’s an open secret in the country that troll farms exist. The Washington Post once said in an article, “Across the Philippines, it’s a virtual free-for-all. Trolls for companies. Trolls for celebrities. Trolls for liberal opposition politicians and the government. Trolls trolling trolls.” However, masterminds of these fabricated opinion mills seem to be concocting a new scheme but Bea Alonzo isn’t going to let it fly. 

On July 19, the actress shared through an Instagram story several screenshots of messages from her fans who informed her that they have been allegedly receiving offers from individuals looking to buy their fan accounts, especially those with a sizable number of followers. One fan wrote, “I think trolls po [are] doing this to make their lives easier and get more money. Don’t worry, Ms. Bea. We will never leave you. Laban tayo hanggang dulo!”

Alonzo wrote, “I wonder why these people would offer to buy these accounts all of a sudden? For what?” She also invited everyone to be the judge of claims that different fan groups of different Kapamilya stars are also receiving these offers. One can’t help but wonder if this is connected to the mass support for the campaign to bring back ABS-CBN after their franchise renewal was denied on July 10. 

Today, Alonzo shared another screenshot on her Instagram stories from a fan affirming that her account is definitely not for sale. While this trend is as alarming as the onslaught of fake dummy accounts on Facebook back in June, we’re glad to see that not everyone is willing to sell out their voice. 


Photo screengrab from “The Love Affair” trailer

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