What exactly is that “LGBT ID” trending online?

Think about this: An ID that’s exclusive for the LGBTQ+ community and has discount perks. It’s basically like a senior citizen or PWD card.

If you think it doesn’t exist, LGBT Pilipinas Party-List posted about this on their Facebook page. The two photos showed a prototype of the ID which featured Cong. Geraldine Roman’s photo and fake details like their name, date of birth, government-issued ID numbers, blood type, height and weight, and a QR code. Even our UMID doesn’t have that many details.

Also, according to the party-list’s post, they are talking to various establishments for “tie-ups” to provide them with discounts.

For all the rights the Filipino LGBTQ+ community needs, this type of ID is the last thing they need. The SOGIE Equality Bill hasn’t been passed yet, same-sex marriage still isn’t legal, and there’s still growing discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. Many netizens also called out this move, saying that the community needs concrete actions and rights, not discounts. Plus, this just creates further segregation when everyone’s just asking for equal treatment.


Many also pointed out that it feels like they’re considering being LGBTQ+ is in the same level as being a senior citizen or a PWD. Being an LGBTQ+ person shouldn’t be seen as a disadvantage or disorder.


However, what many are getting wrong is this isn’t a national ID exclusive for the LGBTQ+ community. This is an ID for members of LGBT Pilipinas.

Why the confusion?

The party-list made the clarification in the comments section when a netizen asked how they can avail of this ID. “Dapat member ng LGBT Pilipinas ang meron nito,” (Only members of LGBT-Pilipinas should have this ID) they said.

LGBT Pilipinas also addressed the questions regarding the discounts they’ll get. They explained the party-list is registered an NGO with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which gives them the power to issue an ID with such perks.

So, why did people think this was a proposed national ID anyway? One theory we have is because they posted it on their Facebook page as if it was an announcement for the public. In another comment, they also said they will post updates on official member registration and how to “avail” of the LGBT Pilipinas ID card.

One Twitter user also pointed out that the confusion arose because there’s a government seal on it. “It’s like we’re imposing that we should have privileges for being gay,” they said.

This now begs another question: Are they using this ID card as a recruitment tool to find more party-list members? Because based on the comments, a lot of people are interested.

Giving more attention to other LGBTQ+ rights

LGBT Pilipinas is “a grassroots alliance and national network of LGBTQ+ individuals and organizations, including allies, that seek to campaign LGBTQ+ human rights and non-discrimination” based on one’s SOGIE. They also describe themselves as “one of the prime movers of the SOGIE Equality Bill in every session of Congress since our inception in 2016.”

That said, many netizens have asked the party-list to address matters like discrimination in the workplace instead of releasing a membership ID with perks. Some also pointed out that since the party-list is allegedly pro-Duterte, it’s still a big no for them.



Meanwhile, others understood why an NGO like them would have a membership ID that has discounts, likening it to alumni and call center IDs.

But if you ask us, LGBT Pilipinas could just tap health centers that could help benefit people living with HIV—members could use the ID to help someone they know or something like that. Because TBH, if the party-list wants to live up to their reputation, they should ensure they’re servicing the community and not just using discount perks as a membership ploy.


Art by Tricia Guevara

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