QUIZ: What’s your ‘Army of the Dead’ zombie heist role?

Are you most likely to be the hot getaway driver or nah?

preen army of the dead quiz

If you’ve watched Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” on Netflix, chances are you’ve wondered what role you could take in a heist crew planning to break into a giant safe in a zombie-infested city. 

It’s a valid question with an answer that might come handy in a not-so-far-off future. (Yes, I’m entirely convinced that the start of the zombie apocalypse is a matter of when and not if.) Lucky for you, we’ve created a quiz to tell you which “Army of the Dead” character you’re most similar to. Share your result with us.

What’s your fatal flaw?

Photo by Den Trushtin on Unsplash

Which of these zombie movies do you vibe with the most?

preen train to busan Photo screengrabbed from the "Train to Busan" trailer

We tell you that the zombie apocalypse is happening. What’s your first response?

preen army of dead zombie Photo courtesy of Clay Enos / Netflix

Which other Zack Snyder flick do we not have to force you to watch?

Photo screengrabbed from the "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" trailer

Choose your zombie-killing weapon.

preen army of the dead kate ward Photo courtesy of Clay Enos/ Netflix

Pick a song to include in your getaway car playlist.

preen army of the dead car Photo by James Penner on Unsplash

Why should we take you with us on the mission?

preen army of the dead tanaka Photo courtesy of Clay Enos/ Netflix

QUIZ: What’s your ‘Army of the Dead’ zombie heist role?
You got: Scott Ward a.k.a. ringleader with emotional baggage

preen army of the dead scott ward

Not a lot of people would willingly lead others into a suicide mission in a zombie city. It takes a lot of grit, tenacity, and emotional baggage to sign up for one. You, my friend, have heaps of all three. Maybe you’re running away from the past or seeking to redeem yourself. Either way, you’re subtle enough about it that people still look up to you. You’re trying your best so don’t beat yourself up.
You got: Maria Cruz a.k.a. just here to literally shoot your shot

You’re a fool for love but that’s not really a bad thing. Everybody needs love and you’re just brave enough to pursue it, though you’re still kinda picky. Wanting to have a partner doesn’t stop you from being your own person and having personal goals. You’re good at empathizing with others but you don’t sugarcoat what needs to be said. You’re very reliable.
You got: Vanderohe a.k.a. existentialist weapons specialist

preen army of the dead vanderohe

Nobody ordered an impromptu philosophy session but you’d still happily start one. There’s nothing like the threat of zombies to put you in an existential mood. Even though you come off as intimidating, people still depend on you often because you’re really good at improvising and saving someone else’s ass. Be careful not to gaze for long into an abyss, or whatever Nietzsche said.
You got: Ludwig Dieter a.k.a. (un)safecracker

preen army of the dead dieter

You’re pretty nerdy and proud of it. You consider yourself an artist, or at least very dedicated. People may sometimes think that you don’t have a personality outside of your interests, but they’re wrong. You’re funny, clever, and you won’t take anyone’s BS. Keep doing what you love and prove the naysayers wrong.
You got: Marianne Peters a.k.a. hot getaway driver

You’re a natural badass and extremely self-sufficient. You don’t mind doing favors for other people and you rarely ask for anything in return. You’re highly susceptible to boredom since you’re often on the lookout for the next grand thing™. You might need a reminder to find joy in the everyday. Also, you’re probably breaking the gays-can’t-drive stereotype.
You got: Mikey Guzman and Chambers a.k.a. sharpshooters doing it for the clout

When the zombie apocalypse inevitably happens, your immediate reaction would probably be: Cool! You’re an adrenaline junkie, or at least you enjoy trying to overcome physical challenges. You know how to make things fun and you don’t really hold grudges. You were probably really into Vine and are active on TikTok now. When the pandemic is over, the party will be held at your place.

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Photo courtesy of Clay Enos/Netflix

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