Will Song Kang play another red flag on ‘Cruel Story of Office Romance’?

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Song Kang has quickly become one of South Korea’s top leading men. The man is booked and busy—as he should be. Mere days after the June 19 premiere of his latest K-drama “Nevertheless,” JTBC announced today that it has once again cast him as one of the leads for the upcoming series “Cruel Story of Office Romance.” The question on our mind is this: Is he going to play another character who we’ll hate to love/love to hate?

Newsen reports that the drama will follow the lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, South Korea’s national weather forecast service. As you can guess from the title, we’re going to get a serving of weather station spice.

Joining Kang on its roster are Park Min-young (“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”), Yura of Girl’s Day, and Yoon Park (“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life”). At the helm is director Cha Young-hoon (“When the Camellia Blooms”), while Kang Eun-kyung (“World of the Married”) has written the screenplay based on a story by Sun-young. 

Park Min-young will star as cold Jin Ha-kyung who likes to go by the book and keeps her personal and professional lives separate. On the other hand, Song Kang’s Lee Si-woo is a free-spirited and clumsy genius who only really cares about the weather. Will they be an item on the show? Maybe.

Or perhaps they’ll each get paired with Yoon Park and Yura. Yoon Park plays the persuasive, quick-witted, and failure-averse Han Ki-joon. Yura’s Chae Yoo-jin is an unwilling weather reporter who eventually learns to love her job. 

Cruel Story of Office Romance” will begin filming this summer and is scheduled to premiere early next year. As a love story in a work setting, the show seems to promise career-related insights. If it’s anything like our 2020 fave “Start-Up,” we’re excited to eat it up.


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